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making us of tables国产69精品久久久久9999不卡

Fiona & Alice's loyalty is rewarded with a house party.I woke up at around 10:30am the following morning and I still felt exhausted from the previous night’s activities late into the night. I looked to my right expecting to find Alice still fast asleep but I was wrong, her side was empty. I didn’t expect Alice to be up so early on a Saturday especially after the fucking she’d received over at the East Norton dogging site. I slid out of bed and stretched at the window before pulling open the curtains letting in the bright sunlight which made me squint. It looked as though it was going to be a very pleasant Saturday. I turned naked and headed towards Fiona's room to see if she was still sleeping off her excursions from last night.As I approached Fiona's room I could hear hushed whispers and realized it must’ve been Alice and her mother, I pushed the door open and strode in and found them sat next to each other on Fiona's bed. The talking quickly stopped and they both looked at me, then down at my naked limp cock. Fiona and Alice were both in their underwear and dressing gowns.“What are you two whispering about then, anything I should know about?”“Actually” Fiona started to speak then looked at Alice. “Actually there is. It’s about last night, we thing that maybe it was way way over the top on how far things went in front of Gez…………..I know he’s a piece of shit that treats us like dirt but that was maybe a step too far. Especially making him watch Alice give you a blowjob.” There was an awkward silence for a minute with me looking at them, shit I was thinking no way was I going to relinquish my control over these whores, not when I was having the time of my life using them any which way I wanted.“Ah well you see there lies the problem Fiona. This is how I’m now seeing things. That piece of shit is going to be living downstairs using the sofa as a bed. He’ll be living here rent free like he has done for the last twenty or so years, I’ll also be giving the waste of space his beer money which as you well know he’ll be very very happy to except. In return I’ll be sharing your beds up here. Granted Fiona I agree it was maybe a bit harsh making Alice give me a blowjob in front of her dad but it wasn’t like she resisted very much was it?”“Maybe not no”“So in the future I’ll spare Gez the problem and I’ll only use Alice upstairs or downstairs when he’s fucked off out.Where as you Fiona that's a different kettle of fish altogether, I’ve already fucked you in front of him and will continue to fuck you in front of him whenever I feel like it……………………………is this sinking in you thick bitches.”“I just think we should cool it round here with the sex, just until he finds somewhere else” Fiona suggested moving off the bed to stand in front of me.I reached out and opened her dressing gown a little, enough to expose her bra covered large left breast. I reached out and cupped it gently and circled my finger over her nipple. “You are one very sexy whore Fiona…….Alice stand up here as well” Alice also stood before me next to her mother her dressing gown already loose and gaping open more than her mothers. I reached out to her right breast and made the same gentle stroking action across her right nipple. “And you too Alice are a fine piece of pussy. Now if you want me to circulate all footage I’ve amassed over the last year or two then it can be easily arranged; I’m pretty sure your new work would like to see what a very good office whore you’d make Fiona? Or Alice what about all of your friends in the village, would they like to see you fucking old men?”Both of them looked at me for a brief second before looking down at the floor.“Now I’m going to go downstairs and make a cup of tea, you’ve both got five minutes to be downstairs. Fiona if you arrive naked then I will know that you’ve made the wise decision; Alice incase your dad is there you must arrive in knickers only if either of you disobey my instruction the footage starts going out tonight”. With that I turned and walked away and thumped down the stairs my cock swinging between my legs as I descended towards the door through to the lounge.Gez was on the armchair doing up the laces on his shoes, he looked up as the door swung open and saw me completely naked and looked instantly back at his shoes and laces. I shut the door and flopped onto the sofa opposite him.“Where you off, pub?”“What’s it gotta do with you?” he muttered still doing up his last lace. It looked like he was struggling because his hands were shaking like nobody’s business, a common sight in most alcoholics who were desperate for their early morning fix to calm their nerves.“Oooh calm down you loser.” I reached out for my wallet on the chest and pulled out a twenty pound note. “Here take this it should keep you in drinks for a bit longer than usual hey?” Without a moment’s hesitation he reached out and snatched the note stuffing it in his jacket pocket. “I think twenty quid is a fair price for use of your wives cunt don’t you Gez?” I laughed at him for a few seconds as he squirmed in his seat looking for an answer, obviously he couldn’t find one after so easily taking my money for his drink habit. He probably knew deep down that he had more chance of getting beer money than ever fucking his wife again so to him he’d probably made the best choice.He jumped up to leave just as the lounge door opened again and in strolled his daughter Alice. “Stick the kettle on Alice I haven’t got round to making tea yet there’s a good girl” My eyes followed her all the way to the kitchen, it was almost impossible to take your eyes off such perfect firm tits and an unbelievably pert bum; her thong barely visible between her glorious tanned cheeks.Poor Gez just looked at the floor in disgust at Alice's brazen display of nudity. I reached into my wallet again and pulled out a tenner and held it out for Gez. He considered it for maybe a second longer than the twenty pound he’d accepted for the use of his wife, but again in his fucked up life it represented another four lagers.“She is only half the woman after all Gez” I again couldn’t help but laugh at him. “There’s more for you Gez don’t worry I’ll keep your glass topped up.”I heard a noise behind me and looked round straight into a view of Fiona's neatly trimmed pubic area. “Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that!” I tilted my head back and my eyes looked up stomach and over her heaving cleavage before into her eyes. “Very good Fiona come have a seat” and patted my bare right thigh. As she sat down she placed her legs together between my legs and sat down with her bare bum on my leg; I reached down and lifted her left leg and laid it across my lap onto the cushion the other side.He pussy was now exposed and I couldn’t resist parting her smooth folds and dipping a finger into her hole.“Are you still here Gez?” I said looking up at him but leaving my finger in Fiona's hole. He turned on his heels and stormed out the back door slamming it hard behind him. Alice then bought us tea and I shoved Fiona onto the seat beside me, Alice placed the cups on the chest and joined us in the spare space on the sofa; I placed a hand on each of their thighs and enjoyed the smooth skin under my palms for a few seconds.“I’ve been thinking, I’m going to ring a few mates and throw a little party round here tonight. Sort of a treat from me to you two for making the correct decision. I know it’s short notice but I’m sure I can round up a few people.”“Oh good I can invite some friends over then hey” said Alice getting quite excited by the idea.“Ah Alice it won’t be that sort of party, since I’ll be throwing the party they’ll be my friends enjoying my hospitality.” She looked at me blankly for a second or two. “In other words Alice you and your mother here will be reward by cock and you two fucking whores will provide the entertainment for the evening. Now I think I need a blowjob before I shoot to Asda who wants to go first?”After a wonderful blowjob from them both I creamed off into Alice’s open mouth telling her that for being a cheeky little bitch she could brush her teeth with my come. I then left them to relax whilst I went to get the supplies for tonight.Whilst on route to Asda I rang all the lads I play football with and the manager and assistant; twelve of the lads could make it and said they’d be round at 7pm whilst Dave the manager would be able to get there for about 8pm as him and Russ were at a football meeting.All that left me to do was get a shed load of beer and nibbles for me and the boys plus a trip to Ann Summers for two matching maids outfits in the relevant sizes for Alice and Fiona.I returned home about three in the afternoon because I’d been waylaid after stopping in the pub where Alice worked to speak to Paul. I explained to him that I was throwing a party and Alice was unable to work tonight as she was the entertainment! It didn’t take him long to catch on and excused her from her shift on the condition that she made it up to him during the week when she came back into work.Of course that wouldn’t be a problem and after four or five beers I headed home.“Fiona………Alice, come here I got your outfits” I shouted crashing through the door with a bag and two crates of beer in my arms. I dumped the beer on the side and made three more trips to the car coming back each time with two crates lager. They were in the kitchen by now so I chucked the Ann Summers bag at Fiona.“Go and get yourselves cleaned up then dress in these. Make sure your pussies are neatly trimmed and hairless on your lips, and make sure your arseholes are nice and smooth. I’ll be up at five to make sure you’re both looking smooth and sexy. With that they headed upstairs whilst I stocked up the fridges in the kitchen and outdoor shed. Once all the beer was stowed away and chilling nicely I emptied a load of bits to nibble on in various bowls around the kitchen, lounge and dining room. The lads wouldn’t be overly bothered about the food once they got stuck into the beer and entertainment on offer, but it’s always good to have a few bowls of food kicking around the place.I then went and fetched some sex toys from in my room that I’d accumulated over the couple of years since I’d began fucking Fiona. I could hear the shower going and the gentle buzz of an electric razor. They were talking and laughing amongst themselves so I left them to their task of making themselves smooth. I placed the various dildos, butt plugs and anal beads in various locations around the house, making us of tables, window sills and the mantle piece.It was getting on to five a clock so decided to sit down with a cold beer and relax for a while. It wouldn’t hurt Fiona and Alice to be given an extra half hour of preparation time anyway I wanted them to look as sexy and dirty as possible for my mates anyway so I left upstairs a while longer.I drained the last of my cold beer and chucked it into the green recycling bucket that I’d positioned outside the back door, in a convenient location so that hopefully it would get used and save me a massive cleaning up job in the morning.I glanced at the time again as I headed upstairs, I had less than forty minutes to check these whores over and change myself. I almost lay money on the fact that some of the boys would turn up early so I had to get a move on.“Right let’s check you bitches out then” I said bursting into Fiona's room and finding them applying the last bits of their makeup. They were both in the outfits I’d bought and I stopped in my tracks to admire their slutty looks. “God you two look fabulous, sexy and slutty all at the same time, perfect. Now bend over the bed there so I can inspect your cunts and arses for hair”.Fiona and Alice ditched their makeup brushes and lipsticks and placed their hands on mattress and bent over. The maids’ outfits were just the job, the shorts skirts would ride up every time they bent over showing off their stockings, suspender belts and see through black silk French knickers. I approached Alice first and hooked my thumbs under her knickers and worked them down just enough to see her puckered hole and her pussy lips; I ran my fingers around her cunt lips and was pleased to find it very smooth and hairless, next I rubbed my thumb around her anus before dipping my tongue onto her tight entrance. “Perfect Alice not a hair in sight, stand up and turn round”. Her pubic area was trimmed to perfection in a neat little strip leading down to her tight little treasure below. “Perfect Alice you can finish getting ready, but hurry our guests will be arriving very soon”.I then repeated the inspection on Fiona's mature holes and found them equally shaved to perfection. “Get ready Fiona I’ll see you both down stairs in five minutes”.It was 18:45 when they both descended the stairs in their black high heels looking sexy as hell in the outfits I’d chosen for them to wear. “Right you two this is what’s going to be happening tonight, I’ve invited a few friends over for a little party, to them it’s just a party but you and I know that it’s a special little get together to celebrate your loyalty to me. Now you’ll probably guess from your outfits that tonight you’re going to be serving my friends drinks from both the fridges and providing any other extra services they request……………you understand me yes?”“Yes we understand”.“Good now when the guests start arriving I want you both to be on hand to fetch them a drink. Fiona when one of the guests approaches you then you will answer them like this only”.“Hi I’m Fiona, the hosts’ mother in law.If you require a drink or anything else then you only have to ask”.“Alice you will say the same except the beginning where obviously you’ll introduce yourself as Alice, the hosts’ sister in law, now is that understood”.“Yes” they said in unison before heading into the kitchen waiting for the first guests to knock on the door.What they didn’t know is that about an hour previous I’d text all of my friends who were attending giving them a brief little outline of the night’s events, the message went something like this;“Guys, the party tonight has a very special little twist to it, it’s one that you will very much enjoy but also can never talk about to anyone other than the participants of the party. There will be some very special entertainment provided for your pleasure by two people who none of you have met, but are very close to me. Hence the need for a bit of discretion. I trust all of you who attend will enjoy yourselves but are capable of keeping things discreet, if you feel unable to do so then please do not come; those that can adhere to my simple requests the fun starts at 7pm sharp!!!!!!!”.I was standing in the dining room swigging a beer watching Fiona and Alice standing nervously in the kitchen, both looked apprehensive and kept checking towards the gate for any sign of my guests. I suppose both were wondering who and how many people would be joining the party where they knew that they’d be providing illicit entertainment for the guests. At about five to six I heard the gate go and we all turned to look at the same time.A steady stream of my football mates led by Joel flowed down the garden path towards the kitchen door; most were all ready downing cans of beer and joking loudly amongst themselves. I looked as Fiona and Alice as the door knocked and could see the apprehension in their eyes. “Go and stand in the lounge and great them as I send them through”.I opened the door and we all greeted as they bounded in. all of them were excited and kept asking about the two birds. All twelve had arrived at once after meeting in the boozer down the road for a pre-party pint or several. “Lads if you go through to the lounge you’ll meet the maids for the night who will tend to your requests.” It was a borderline stampede into the front as all my mates fought to be the first ones to lay eyes on the maids. I followed them through and picked up my beer from the dining table. Matt, Ray,中文字幕无码乱人伦 Chris, Mikey, Ali, Jack, Ant, Rick, Gavin, Joel, Mark and Robbie were all surrounded round Fiona and Alice in a big group. Between the vulgar comments being thrown towards Fiona and Alice I could hear them both reeling off their greeting line, which was met with various pairs of eyes focusing on me to confirm the claims that these tarted up slutty maids were in fact my birds mother and sister. All I could do was smile and nod my head at the lads and remind them of the need for discretion.The crowd then parted as Fiona and Alice made their way to the kitchen fridge to supply the demand for cold beers, once the beers had been distributed to everyone the crowd thinned out with some chilling on the large brown leather sofas, a small group quizzing me on Fiona and Alice and some outside smoking. Fiona and Alice where being beckoned over at regular intervals to fetch full cans of beer and remove any empties. I was watching from position in the dining room as the lads on the sofas stroked Fiona's stocking clad legs as she moved around collecting cans. The cheeky touching on the legs of both of them carried on for nearly an hour; and as more and more beer was consumed hands would be lingering for longer and began sneaking up between their thighs towards their gussets and stocking tops. Alice came in carrying a tray of six beers and Ant asked her to put it down on the chest in the middle of the room which she did without argument. As soon as she bent over inevitable happened and her short maids skirt rode up onto the top of her arse revealing her stocking tops and see through knickers. The guys all started whooping which made the rest take notice and suddenly the lounge was full. Ant stood up behind Alice and kept her bent over and began gently slapping her bottom much too every ones delight.After about ten slaps on her sexy pert bottom her put his palm between her legs and cupped her gusset, prodding his fingers into her clitoris area instantly making Alice moan.“Oh shit lads this slut is gagging for it, her knickers are damp already” Ant then stood her up and spun her around so her back was up against his body and she was facing most of the lads in the room. “Let’s she was she's packing up here hey lads” Ant said as he pulled the front of Alice's maids dress and bra down allowing her quite perfect 36b’s to bounce from the cups of her dress and bra. Again this was met with shouts and whistles of approval from all my mates.He then reached up from behind and pinched a nipple in both hands and tweaked them for around a minute making Alice squirm at his touch. “I think we’ve got ourselves a party started boys what’d you say” As he finished his sentence he pushed Alice forward onto Robbie , Mark and Ray who were lounging on the sofa as she landed across their laps three pairs of hands instantly began mauling at her young body, pulling at her nipples and tearing at her dress and knickers.Matt, Chris, Mikey, Ali and Gavin who had come in from smoking and were stood at the back of the room spun on their heels to look at Fiona who’s face showed a picture that she knew what was coming.“Let’s see what the sexy milf has got to hide back here shall we?”Gavin roughly pulled the maids dress down round her waist so Fiona was stood in her lacy black bra. “Look at those tits boys, they are fucking huge”. I too loved Fiona's 38ee breasts and big sensitive nipples; I could tweak and suck them all night long if I had too. Gavin removed the straps from her shoulders and pushed her bra from her breasts until it joined her maids’ top sitting on her full hips. “Oh yes boys, this filthy mummy is stacking some tits”. My five friends circled around Fiona and her body was soon being groped and mauled from all angles as my rampant mates ravaged at her mature body; within a matter of minutes my mother in law was down her knees surround by my mates as theirs cocks were brandished before her eyes. “Do you think mummy likes cock lads?” Chris said.“Hell yeah, I bet she does”, “Here mummy have some cock”. Gavin stepped forward and began slapping his stiffening cock on Fiona's face. The others followed suit and formed a tight circle around Fiona getting close enough to bounce their shafts off of Fiona's tilted back head. Gavin's cock looked like it had reached maximum size and he grabbed at Fiona's head and pulled her opening mouth toward his purple dome. Gavin told Fiona to open wide but he needn’t have bothered because as his invading seven inch cock neared her lips they opened wide and engulfed his shaft.“Oh yeah boys…….mummy loves cock”. Gavin then proceeded to fuck Fiona's face in a slow steady rhythm allowing about five and a half inches of his dick to slide into Fiona's throat. The others stood round stroking their hard dicks waiting patiently for their turn in her wet mouth. They didn’t have to wait long as Gavin pulled out and spun her head to the next hard dick pointing in her direction; Gav dropped to his knees behind Fiona and lifted her in to a doggystyle position, the lads waiting for a blowjob had to get on their knees now in order for Fiona to suck their dicks. Fiona's short skirt was pushed up around her waist and her see through French knickers roughly pulled down as far as her stocking tops and thighs would allow. “Hell yes lads mummy’s pussy is nice and wet; I bet your gagging for some young dick in your pussy aren’t you?” obviously Fiona couldn’t answer his question even if she had wanted to as my mates dick stuffed her mouth full. None of my mates surrounding Fiona had particularly massive cocks and I’d go as far as saying they were all in the six to seven inch region with average sized girth, not that it bothered Fiona she loved cock of any size and shape.I strolled into the lounge swigging on another can and stroking my now solid six incher and sat on the armchair opposite the sofa. Alice was still sprawled across the laps of Robbie, Mark and Ray with one leg on the floor so that her thighs were open, her see through knickers were now, let us say, totally see through because the animals had just tore a hole in the gusset area. Her cunt had three of Ray’s fingers deep inside it whilst Mark was reaching down to rub her throbbing clitoris. Further up her body Robbie was sucking and pulling on her wonderful pink nipples which had made them point up towards the sky.Standing over her head was Ant who had removed his jeans and boxers and was stroking the biggest of the dicks I’d seen on my mate thus far. He had in his right palm a very acceptable eight incher sporting a fairly thick shaft covered in veins and a dark purple helmet. Every now and then he was crouching down and rubbing the length of his shaft across Alice's mouth until his hairy balls bumped against her smooth cheek. Alice had begun to moan quite loudly as a result of the clitoris stimulation from Mark coupled with the vigorous finger fucking from Ray and I could tell that the little slut was already being worked up into a shuddering climax. Just as her moans got louder and she opened her mouth to scream Ant lunged forward and stifled her moans by lodging his big cock in her throat. Her screams of pleasure were nothing more than a muffled noise as Ants cock spread her lips and slid back and forth over and over again.Ray removed his fingers and held his glistening fingers aloft for everyone to admire before sticking them in his mouth and tasting Alice's super sweet pussy juice. He quickly slid out from under her left leg and knelt on the floor before her spread legs. “I need to taste her cunt lads before it gets full of all your spunk”. With that he drove his face into the open hole in Alice's gusset and lapped away at her hole and clit. Ray really looked as though he was enjoying himself and after five minutes was still between her legs eating out her young shaven smooth pussy. He only moved after Mark and Robbie clumped him on the top of the head as they wanted to get up and get in on the action a bit more. Ant also begrudgingly removed his dick from her gob so that she could be positioned on all fours on the sofa with her forearms propping herself up on the leather arm of the sofa. Ray dived straight back on the sofa behind Alice and buried his head between her buttocks this time licking around her puckered entrance, dipping the tip of his tongue right into the knotted centre then running his tongue all around her rim. The thumb of his right hand was pushed into her pussy whilst his fingers expertly strummed her engorged clitoris this bringing her off noisily before Robbie muffled her moans by slamming his dick in her mouth. Again Marks and Robbie’s cocks were just your average sized dicks. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out. It was Dave the manager he told me him and Russ were about a minute away then hung up. I walked past Fiona who was still on her hands and knees with a mouth full of MIkeys cock and her cunt being pounded by Ali, the other three stood drinking and wanking whilst waiting for a hole to become vacant. I looked out the patio doors and told Jack, Rick and Joel that the gaffers were a minute away. They had been outside smoking and drinking for the last hour and a half but said they’d be in when Dave and Russ arrived.I went back in and stepped around the lads watching Fiona take a good fucking then edged past Mark who was getting a sloppy suck from Alice and found my way to the toilet in the hallway. God my piss felt like it took for hours and by the time I’d entered the lounge again the gaffers had arrived and the smokers were now in the thick of the action and shedding clothes to join either the group round Fiona or the congregation round young Alice. Dave my footy manager then caught my eye across the room and waived me over.“What the fucks going on her mate, shit you’re going to get me in a whole world of trouble bringing me to a party like this!”“I’ll second that Dave” piped up Russ enjoying an ice cold beer.“Hey guys you can always leave, it’s all hush hush so you don’t need to worry”. Behind me I heard some of the lads shouting and whooping and turned to have a look. Alice was now up on her feet and being led over to where I was chatting to the gaffers. Her maids skirt was up round her waist and her knickers hung in a ragged mess where they had been savagely torn to gain access to her cunt. “Alright gaffer” said Ant. “Here gaffer we got you a little present”. He pushed Alice down on her knees in front of Dave and told her to suck his cock. Alice reached up and unbuttoned his jeans and yanked them down and pushed them right to the floor. Again she reached up and pulled his boxers down sending them into the heap round his ankles. All the lads started cheering as Alice lifted his floppy six incher then opened her sweet mouth and devoured his old cock. Dave was perhaps into his mid fifties but still kept fit with all the football and running he was by no means out of shape for an older guy; and he still had life in his cock because Alice had soon bought it alive and stood a good eight and a half inches from his body.“You still going home gaffer” I asked with a wry smile on my lips.“Am I fuck lad, not whilst there’s young pussy like this on the end of my cock that's for sure. Who is this little slag anyway?”“Meet my sister in law Alice, and yes Dave it is true and yes Dave she is a slag”. I walked over to Fiona who was still being spitroasted and pulled her off my friends two cocks and ushered her over to Russ who was looking left out. “Now lads we can’t leave the assistant out now can we”“HELL NO” they all shouted at the same time before engaging in mindless whooping again.“Russ meet Fiona my mother in law, this whore is now going to suck your cock”.All of us lads stood back drinking a can of beer watching our gaffers get amazing sloppy blowjobs, Dave and Russ even swapped places so that the whores could get a sample of each of their big cocks. I must admit the old boys had put all us youngsters to shame as they both sported eight and a half almost getting on to nine inch cocks. We were all stroking our dicks as we watched and drank making sure we stayed hard and ready for when Dave and Russ had finished up with them both.The bastards made us wait a good half hour because after getting their cocks sucked they both dropped to their knees and spun the whores round in the doggy position so they were facing us.“Cheers for the invite boys” Dave said as he drove his massive cock into Alice's very wet but still extremely tight pussy hole. She cried out loudly and flopped forward and buried her face in her hands and forcing her bottom higher in the air; this just allowed Dave to stand up and crouch behind her and by bending his knees he was able to hammer he womb deeper than ever before. Alice was going wild under his powerful thrusts and came hard after about four minutes; Dave pulled out his glistening slimy cock and let it rub up and down the crease of her bum.“That's how you make a girl come boys” he said laughing his cock off before slipping it back into her wet fucked hole.Russ too was giving Fiona a very hard fuck that had her in an orgasmic frenzy also. Russ and Dave then swopped like they had when receiving blowjobs and fucked each of them through to another noisy orgasm each before firing a load of sperm into each of their wombs. Spent the whores flopped onto the floor whilst Dave and Russ went for a can of beer.“There you go boys their all yours again”.What went on for the next two hours would be described by some people as totally disgusting but to me and the others it was a fantastic fuck fest. I and my twelve friends treated Fiona and Alice like the whores I had conditioned them to be. Their pussies were totally abused as was their mouths by all of our cocks before we shot our seed deep into their wombs or covered their smooth skin until it was caked in drying sperm. Once all thirteen of us had had ago on both Alice and Fiona's pussy and mouth and our balls were in need of a rest I invited Dave and Russ to do the honors on their puckered arseholes.Fiona and Alice were laid out on either end of the dining table like sacrificed pieces of meat and pulled towards the edge so that their arseholes were easily accessible, a tub of Vaseline was then fetched from the bathroom and passed to Dave and Russ who scooped out a large dollop each with their fingers. The Vaseline was smeared all around their tight entrances and around the cocks of Dave and Russ.Dave and Russ simultaneously guided their throbbing helmets to the greasy entrances of Fiona and Alice, from each end of the table they nodded at each other then fed inch after inch of cock deep into the whores’ bumholes. Both women came pretty much instantaneously as Dave and Russ bottomed out in the pits of their rectums. We all crowed round either side of the long dining table and reached in to pull at nipples of stick fingers into vacated wet cunt holes. Dave and Russ fucked for about ten minutes and then swapped over, each getting a turn in every hole available. They finished off by blasting the walls of Fiona's and Alice's bowels with a load of sticky hot sperm before walking away and leaving us lads to have our fun.We went round and round the table in a circle hammering each of their arseholes hard and fast, long and deep making them come over and over as an assortment of cocks continuously moved around using their tightest hole for our own enjoyment. Pretty soon we’d all spent our last load of come and were slumped on sofas or the floor. It was late almost one in the morning when the fucking stopped and people were starting to disappear home. I’d sent Fiona and Alice upstairs to shower and get in bed as I dressed and saw off the last of my friends. The house stunk of come and sex so I opened a few windows and headed to bed myself.Before I managed to get sleep I received 14 text messages from all the lads. Each one said thanks for an unbelievable party and they were already looking forward to next time.Just as I was dropping off I heard the gate go I looked out the window and saw Gez staggering up the path pissed as a fart and hardly able to walk. It was nearly two in the morning. I got back in bed next to Fiona and smiled to myself thinking how lucky he was not to come back any earlier.Names changed to protect people’s privacy. Places, job roles, titles are genuine.

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