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leaving it wet男女啪啪抽搐高潮动态图

It’s been almost a year now since I first watched old Walt trying to fuck my Anna on our living room couch.I wonder how different things would’ve been if I’d stepped in and stopped it right there.As I read back over my stories bringing things up to date, I can now see the slippery slope I traveled reaching my present situation.I’d never heard of the internet site you are now reading this on, until my friend and author Cleo said she thought by posting my stories, it might help me cope with all the misery my actions had caused. I read some of the other stories here and frankly I wouldn’t have believed them had this stuff not happened to me.In short, I was naïve because I didn’t know guys like Walt and Albert - and eventually Tia and Bear – even existed.They simply didn’t travel in my circles.Yes, at the time I was all hot to watch Walt fuck my wife, but I didn’t cause it - he did. It takes a certain type of person who has the gall, the lack of human feelings to just take what they want, like Walt. Or, like Albert, to advertise their sexual pictures on the NET.Tia and Bear who came into our lives and wrecked it at a later date, were in a different category altogether.I’m not judging, just stating how I felt.So, believe my story or not, it makes little difference.I’m doing this for me - to cope - nothing more. With that said, I urge others who consider contacting sex partners on Ebay and Creigslist to beware.After Walt went back to the Middle East and there was small chance of his returning on a regular basis, Anna became withdrawn and depressed at times.Gone was the old carefree Anna I knew and loved. I had to do something, besides – I admit it - I couldn’t wait to see Anna impaled of another big cock.What started out as a simple sexual experiment has now become immensely complicated, and will possibly end up costing me everything.Yet, neither Anna nor I can stop this train from moving.It’s all water under the bridge now, I guess. In any event, our lives are so changed from the upper in-come, suburban couple everyone envied a year ago.My beautiful proper wife now admits something she never knew about herself - that she’s a sex addict - and I guess if I’d admit it, I’m a pervert.Anna told me recently that she can’t pass a man on the street without looking at his crouch and wondering about the size of his cock.She said she even fantasizes about the delivery boy and our yard maintenance crew. It sounds sick, but when she told me that, I got a boner so hard she had to suck me off before I could go to work.I know she loves me but that she doesn’t particularly enjoy having sex with me -it doesn’t have the same forbidden excitement she experiences when she fucks other men.She also needs the control they exhibit over her, which I’ve tried giving her but have failed to provide. I now know something about her that I don’t think even she knows.Anna is a total sub.She lusts after the big, rough, less attractive guys who’ll use her mercilessly, wipe their cocks on her and leave. Proud and cool in public, she’ll now do anything some man demands of her, when she’s like that. I came home a few days in a row to find her crying.She didn’t want to talk about it but after my repeated prodding she relented.She said she’d spoken to a shrink about her “problem,” just an initial consultation.She gave me his card and said he’d agreed to tell me what he’d revealed to her. I told her it was a bunch of crap, but called him the next day anyway. Doctor Meeks told me Anna was indeed a sex addict.It probably had been a latent condition, and that some recent event or experience had awakened it. I knew that “recent event or experience” had been a guy named Walt, and that it’d all been my fault.I didn’t tell him that though. His analysis was different than Anna’s.He said the size of the man’s penis was irrelevant, except that it probably offered her the necessary pain she needed to justify her pleasure.Also it had been the feeling that she’d had no control over -or blame for - what she was doing, and that it was the forbidden nature of the act itself that had affected Anna so profoundly. Mine and Anna’s sex life was probably routine and sometimes boring to both of us, he’d correctly stated. He surmised she’d obtained such an adrenaline high from that first forbidden act with Walt in our living room that she’d since been trying to replicate it OVER AND OVER, since. She would likely continue doing that until she received professional help. That wouldn’t come until later, he speculated.Because, like with most alcohol or drug addicts, the sexual releases she pursued were so intense that she wouldn’t want to change until she’d reached rock-bottom, and had no other choice.Also, like with other addicts, if she didn’t get her “fix” she might go into deep depressions, even become suicidal.He told me the signs to watch for, telling me to call him. I didn’t even ask him about why I got off so much by watching her.I was afraid of his answer, I guess.As her depression grew worse, I knew I had to do something. I told myself it was for Anna, and I still believe it was.I looked at all the emails I’d received on this site and on others, concerning my stories about Anna.Many wanted to meet her.Several had even sent me photos of their cocks.One in particular I remembered.The guy’s cock was immense; thick and long, slightly curved to the left. He’d asked for a picture of her twice, and I’d finally weakened and sent him one of her in her bikini. I figured he’d just use it to jerk-off but then I started worrying it’d show up on the internet.I vowed I’d never do that again.Besides, he lived in California.Much too far away.I’d heard of Creigslist, but had never visited the site. I was surprised to find such things as men seeking women, men seeking men, etc.There were even picture of men’s erect cocks, advertising themselves. From what Doc Meeks had said, I knew Anna had an obsession with large dicks, so I weeded most out right up front. One jumped out though.It was a photo with the face cropped, of a rather fat guy naked from the waist down. His cock didn’t appear very much longer than mine – certainly not the length of Walt’s – but it was as thick as a beer can.He said he was in Dallas for two days and wanted some good pussy. No drama, just a good fuck. I sent one of those anonymous email replies and it was answered in less than an hour. It said to meet him in the hotel lounge where he stayed at 7:00 PM that evening, signing it “Albert.” My hands were shaking with excitement and my mouth was like cotton by this time.I called Anna an asked if she wanted to get out of the house for a drink with one of my clients. Sounding in better spirits, she said okay. When I arrived home, Anna was dressed casually in a light pull-over sweater and white shorts.As usual, she looked devastating.In the car she asked who the client was, expecting someone from my office. I handed her Albert’s picture – the one from the neck down - his cock sticking straight out.She just stared silently at it for a few minutes as I watched from the corner of my eye. Holding it in her lap, she looked back out the window for a while, glancing down several times at Albert’s photo.By the time we reached the hotel, her face was slightly flushed. We never spoke a word as we pulled into the hotel parking lot, got out and went inside. Albert was easy to spot.He was the only one in the lounge, a rotund, balding man in an expensive sport jacket and no tie. He smiled and stood as we approached, sticking out his hand.“Hi Folks.Call me Al.” He looked Anna up and down slowly, as her face colored. For whatever shortcomings he had in the looks department, Albert didn’t lack for self-confidence. We have a drink and Albert asked Anna to dance a slow song with him. She reluctantly accepted and they moved off, Albert’s pants tented in the front. When he pulled her close, I knew she could feel it.He was shorter than Anna, but he danced well and they stayed for a second dance. When they returned to the table, Anna’s face was more flushed and Albert’s pants protruded even further. After another drink, Albert suggested we go to his suite for a night cap. Anna didn’t look at either of us as she stood and went along.Albert had a small suite with a large living/dining area and bar. Anna sat on the sofa and I sit on a large over-stuffed chair. Playing the gracious host, he fixed us a drink and sit by Anna. I could see by his pants that he still had a hard-on. I knew Anna could see it too. When there was a break in the conversation, Albert just unfastened his belt, pushed his pants and shorts down around his knees, and laid back, his cock standing straight up.“Is this what you came to see?” he asked boldly.No longer than mine, his cock was fully as thick as a beer can, with an even larger crown.Thick blue vanes stuck out all over it, making it appear even more formidable. He was gazing at Anna, who was staring at his cock as though awestruck. Albert took her limp hand and placed it on his dick, moving it slowly up and down. Anna’s gaze never wavered, but she was breathing raggedly through half-open lips. “Why don’t you get down there and lick it, beautiful?We all know you’re going to, so just do it.” He pulled on her arm, helping her kneel on the carpet in front of him. Her eyes never left his cock. He didn’t have to force her. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward and began licking it around that humongous knob. She opened her lips and slid them all over the bulbous head, leaving it wet, and then she licked his cock from top to bottom and back up.Albert groaned softly, my cock was aching so I loosened my belt, unzipped my pants and let it out from its confides. The hotel room air felt cool on it as it throbbed, growing harder.Anna was trying to swallow that huge piece of meat without success. It was simply too thick to enter her throat. All she could manage was to get her working mouth around the head of it. I watched her cheeks collapse with the suction as she worked on it. My own dick throbbed urgently each time she swallowed.Her face pressed against Albert’s flab, his ass cheeks clinching tightly, his thighs straining with the effort. I could barely breathe and my heart was pounding wildly inside my chest. If I touched my dick I knew I would cum, so I waited.It would be a long night.Albert’s voice brought me back. “You’ve got a beautiful wife here, partner.She looks particularly lovely trying to stuff my cock down her throat. I’m gonna fill-up her pretty little mouth with a hot load of cum in about a minute. It’s been a while for me.”His face screwed-up and he looked even uglier as he strained to keep from cumming. I could see he was fighting it, trying to prolong the experience of having the most beautiful woman he’d ever had sucking his cock.“Oh . . .” he growled, “I’m going to love stuffing my cock inside that sweet pussy.” Anna, making love to his cockhead, seemed oblivious to his words, so focused was she on sucking that large cock down her milking throat. I believe she and that bloated cock were the only two things that existed for her at the moment. I watched as she ran her open lips up and down its length, sucking each of his hairy balls tenderly into her mouth, her eyes closed. Then back up the shaft to engulf it again. I almost shot my load at that. Albert had reached his limit too. Grunting loudly, holding her face on his cock, he shot a string of cum into her mouth and she swallowed convulsively. He must’ve stored up for a while because he shot string after string for a full minute.Her mouth was like a seal around his cockhead, not losing a drop, hungrily swallowing it all to pool in her soft belly.I unloaded so hard into my tissue that my prostrate ached.I sat with my head down for a few minutes, trying to stop shaking. Anna was still licking Albert’s cock like it was a lollipop as he slumped back against the sofa. After a while, he said, “Get up and strip.” His voice sounded raspy in the quiet room. Anna obediently stood and pulled her sweater over her head.She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts stood straight out in the cool room. I heard Albert gasp. “My god, your tits are perfect!”Anna didn’t answer, didn’t even look at him as she pushed her shorts down and stepped free.Albert’s mouth was wide open now, his tongue practically hanging out. “You are the most beautiful fucking woman I have ever seen,” he whispered hoarsely.“Get on the bed.”Anna crawled onto the bed and lay on her back, legs slightly apart.She was wet, a sliver of pink showing between her swollen pussy lips. In an instant, Albert was between her long tan legs with his face buried in those lips. Anna cried out, pressing her thighs against his face as her hands found the back of his head, pulling him closer. Her face contorted, the cords in her neck and shoulders standing out. She rode his face for several minutes, growing louder as she approached her climax. Albert must’ve had his tongue buried all the way to the navel as he lapped her cunt unmercifully. I watched as he sucked one pussy lip out, pulling it with his lips, then the other, as she moaned and wiggled against his face. There was something extremely nasty about seeing my beautiful wife squirming around on this fat little troll’s tongue, or sucking his bloated cock.I can’t deny that. Still, it hurt somewhere deep inside.Growing hard again,熟妇人妻精品一区二区视频 I watched with growing envy as he drove my Anna right out of her mind. How I longed for her to react to my love-making in this manner. Recalling Doc Meeks words, I realized the reason. I just wasn’t nasty enough for her.Doing it with me was - boring.She needed forbidden fruit, the adrenaline rush caused by doing something extremely vulgar and forbidden with a total stranger. I deceived myself into believing that by doing this, it might help her cope with depression.He’d said she could become suicidal, right? I figured I could live with her fucking some guy a couple times a month if it kept her from becoming so depressed. What I pushed to the back of my mind was him telling me she’s a sex addict, and that she’d continue to seek new ways to obtain her sex-high until she’d finally reached rock bottom.I realize now I was self-serving fool, but at the moment my cock was as hard as glass. I saw Albert had pushed her legs up, sliding his tongue down her crack and eating her puckered asshole as she climbed his head. Anna seemed to be coming apart at the seams.She came so loudly and drawn-out, screaming with her release, that I was afraid other hotel guests might call hotel security. Her cries finally diminished into small whimpers, but Albert just kept licking, sucking and chewing for a long time until she began to moan and move her ass around again.Then he crawled up farther, holding her legs in the crooks of his arms, he positioned the head of his fat cock over her opening and pushed that bloated thing against her swollen pussy lips. It was a difficult entry but she didn’t fight it; to the contrary, she pushed back, lifting her ass, trying to help him get inside.Then I remembered how Walt had stretched and hurt her as he pushed that big horse cock of his into her. I figured if she’d accommodated that thing she could handle this one okay.Both Anna and Albert grunted as the head finally popped inside, followed by about half of his fat cock.Anna raised her knees to her chest and that did it, the entire thing disappeared until his balls pressed against her ass. The look on her face said it all. She was in total bliss. Albert didn’t give her a chance to rest, hammering into her like a mad-man, without any warm-up.She didn’t pull away - instead, remaining still for just a moment until her vagina had adjusted to his girth.Then she began pushing her ass up to meet his thrusts. For the next fifteen minutes, the room was filled with their grunts and the wet sound of slapping flesh. They’d both taken the edge off earlier, so it seemed neither was in much of a hurry to reach their climax. Having also cum earlier, I was now at the point I could slowly stroke my cock in time with their thrusts.Albert’s fat little ass cheeks would quiver each time he plowed that thick cock inside her, jarring her slender body violently. She didn’t seem to mind.Whenever she seemed to draw close, he’d push all the way inside her, rest his flabby belly on her ass-cheeks and hold it there - just stopped moving as he watched her grunting and wriggling against his cock. I noticed him smiling at me.“This is really some fine pussy,” he said. “Best looking woman I ever fucked, I’ll tell you that.”Anna’s thighs were hugging him, her hands grasping his chubby ass to pull his cock even deeper inside her.She looked desperate. Albert suddenly lowered his face and swallowed her mouth, sticking his tongue down her throat.Moaning, she answered with her own tongue, kissing him back.Her arms slipped up and around his neck as she grinded her pussy against his cock. Seeing her kiss another man this way hurt more than watching him fuck her. I could see they were both close to cumming. They were making all kinds of noises, gyrating and humping frantically to reach their goal. Anna came first, howling into Albert’s open mouth as she licked his fat lips. Her first climax had only been a warm-up for this one. She came like a banshee, and it seemed to take forever. Then Albert couldn’t take it any longer either, his body arching backward stiffly, groaning like he was injured.Still, they sucked each other’s tongues as though it were a life-giving drink.After an eternity, he rolled off her and tiredly pulled himself up to sit against the headboard. Anna, exhausted and appearing only semi-conscious, lie where he’d left her, legs apart, mouth open, eyes closed.Her pussy had been stretched to the limit and it remained open, its pink walls exposed and a river of cum running down the crack of her ass, dripping onto the bedspread. I was mesmerized by it.It was the most erotic sight I’d ever seen. I’d cum about the same time they had, but I felt blood rush into it again as I viewed the scene of their passion. Albert was smiling right at me again as he shook Anna’s shoulder.She looked up, a question on her face.His smile never leaving me, staring into my eyes, he pushed her face downward onto his cock, rubbing it against his slimy crotch. “I’ve always wanted to do that to some pretty woman,” he said, moving her unresisting face around to clean himself up. “You need to leave now. I’ve got one more day before I have to fly out.It’ll be a long day tomorrow.I get off at five. If you want a repeat performance, come around ‘bout seven-ish, after dinner. That’ll give your little honey a chance to think about what I did to her and she’ll be climbing the walls by then.”He watched as I pulled up my pants and retrieved a washcloth to clean Anna’s sticky face. I then searched around for her clothing and helped her dress. Cum ran down her long legs, so I wiped them clean as best I could, and fastened her shorts. Leaning on my shoulder for support, I assisted her to the door as Albert said softly, “Sure a fine-looking woman.”I called Anna around 10:00 AM the following morning and she still sounded groggy. I asked if she wanted to go back to Albert’s hotel for a drink after work and she said emphatically, “No!”I arrived home just before five, to find an outstanding meal ready.Afterward, we went out and sat by the pool, drinking wine.I saw Anna glance at her watch occasionally and suspected what that meant. As 7:00 o’clock drew closer, she became more restless, her words shorter, no eye contact. It was a twenty minute drive to the airport hotel.At 6: 30, I said, “You want to get out of the house for a drink before bedtime?” She jumped up and grabbed her purse. We pulled into the parking lot, neither saying a word as we rode the elevator to the fourth floor. I knocked on Albert’s door and he opened it wearing only his boxer-shorts. Stepping back, he was all smiles. “My friends from last night! Come on in!”He walked straight to the sofa, pulled off his shorts and sit down. “Let’s not pretend we don’t all know what we’re here for. Hurry over here and suck my cock until it’s hard. I’ve been thinking about it all day.”Anna was on her knees in a flash, like a starving person she took his half-softened cock nearly all the way down her throat, moaning in pleasure. Apparently she’d been thinking about this all day, too.As soon as it was hard enough, Albert pulled her up and positioned her over his stiff cock. She lowered her ass and rubbed the giant head through her vulva a couple times, grunting softly, sounding a little desperate. Then, she just sat down and impaled herself, crying out with pain and pleasure. I fumbled for my cock as I found the same chair I’d occupied the previous night. I had a bird’s eye view, watching as she eased herself up and down on his bloated cock. Albert said, “Take it easy baby, we got all night. I don’t have to leave until tomorrow afternoon.I plan to use every hole you have and to do it real slow.I may never find another woman like you and I plan to remember this.” Albert fucked her slow, then fast, and then slow again, until they both reached a shuddering climax, screaming into each other’s mouth.That was the first of several for the night. He nailed her in every position possible. The old guy had remarkable stamina and could cum multiple times, unlike me. I was a two-fer at best. The finale came around midnight when he placed her on her knees, saying, “Now, I’m gonna fuck that puckered little asshole I’ve been licking for the past two days. You want me to stop, say so right now, otherwise keep your mouth shut.”Anna silently lay her head down on the bedspread and closed her eyes. She didn’t utter a word. Albert produced a tube and spread some of it on his cock, then around and inside her asshole. He positioned his cock head against her puckered rim, pausing to grin at me. There was simply no way it would fit, I thought. Then I remembered Walt and his giant cock. It had finally fit but with a lot of pain. I hoped this wouldn’t be too painful for Anna.Albert grasped her hips and began shoving until the head finally popped inside her greased anus.Anna didn’t pull away.She pushed back against it as she fingered her vulva lips.Maybe she’d learned something from her experience, by Walt ass-fucking her that way.It looked painful to me and maybe she even enjoyed the pain, but Anna seemed to be oblivious, attempting to get Albert’s hunk of meat all the way inside. It wasn’t long before Albert’s grotesquely fat dick was buried in all the way to his hairy balls.It was an awesome sight, my cock lurched crazily just by watching from it.Anna’s ass began making those little circles again as small sounds drifted back to me through her half-open mouth.I wondered if I’d spoil it for her if I went over and shoved my dick into her pretty mouth.I couldn’t take the chance so I just stroked it slowly. It wasn’t long before they were fucking like animals, the sound of their grunts and his thighs hitting her ass echoing in the room. “Tell me to fuck you,” he gasped. “Oh . . . yes, fuck me,” she responded obediently.“Tell me to fuck your ass,”“Please. . . fuck my ass.Fuck it hard.”I’d never heard Anna say anything like that during sex. Never.“Are you a slut? Is my cock better than your husband’s” Albert shocked me by that.“Oh god yes. I love your cock. I love your cock up my ass.It’s the best!”Albert laughed wickedly. “I’m going to let you clean it off after we’re through,” he said. “You’ll do it, too you nasty slut.” He kept talking dirty to her but Anna was too far gone to even answer. Her eyes were rolled up in her head and she was making little animal sounds through her open mouth, attempting to get even more of Albert’s thick cock inside her colon.I could see she was nearly ready to explode. So was I. Albert’s cock was having little difficulty sliding in and out of her anus now, stretched as she was, but Anna squirmed on it like a woman possessed. Albert suddenly arched his back and shot a load deep inside her bowels, yelling his pleasure.Anna was right behind him, sobbing and crying as she bit her forearm until it bled. I shot halfway across the room, leaving me weak enough to collapse against the chair back.I don’t know how long I stayed that way, but Albert’s voice brought me back. “Clean my cock, you nasty little slut. Lick it off.”Groaning a small protest at having to move, Anna slid around and took his slimy cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping on it loudly. I felt sick at what might have been on it, but strangely excited too.I couldn’t have gotten another hard-on if my life depended on it.Apparently, neither could Albert.“You two get out of here now so I can get some rest.”He smiled evilly.“I’ll give you a call if I get back up this way.”He was looking at Anna as though trying to burn her beauty on his memory.I took Anna home, put her into a hot tub of bubble-bath and shampooed her lustrous hair. I wrapped her robe around her and led her to our bed, pulling the sheets up.She smiled weakly and was instantly asleep.The intensity of her orgasms had totally exhausted her. Shit, I was tired and I hadn’t been butt-fucked for an hour. I stared down at her angelic face, long lashes against soft unblemished cheeks, she looked clean and innocent. I brushed a wayward strand of hair from her forehead, caressing her with my eyes, just loving her.Disregarding her recent sexual proclivities, Anna’s still the most remarkable woman I’ve ever met. Her deep throaty voice draws people like flies, her beauty and intelligent keeps them around her.I briefly wondered what her classy friends would’ve said if they’d seen her just a few hours earlier. It was hard to imagine that less than an hour ago those full, beautiful lips had been wrapped tightly around another man’s cock, hungrily sucking loads of cum from it.A short time earlier this woman had lain in a hotel room bed, cum leaking from every orifice in her body as she cleaned the slime off the man’s cock who had just fucked her in the ass.Rationally I could separate that cum-soaked slut from the woman I now saw. That was how Doctor Meeks had said life with a sex-addict would be, so I knew we’d have about a month before she’d need to do it again and that was what I lived for.I loved this woman and I vowed I’d do anything it took to keep her.Our life was almost perfect for a full three weeks.Then Anna became depressed again.



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