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if that's okay24小时日本在线观看视频高清

" OKAY Uncle Sissy I want to know what this means, I mean, you have panties on and, are you__ shaved?" " Yes, Kate, your Aunt Teri and cousin Jenny keep me shaved. I have no hair below the neck. They like my skin smooth, so I can where stockings or anything else they like.Mostly around the house I am naked or just in panties. Well, and my cage." " You have a cage? Like to sleep in?""No, it's for my penis. It keeps me from getting a, uh... an, you know... erection. She flicks my panties where my penis is and hits the metal chastity belt that I wear.I didn't like it at first, but now I actually long for it if it isn't on.It's a nice metal one that was ordered based on measurements my wife sent in.She was thrilled the day it arrived and was so happy to put it on.It has rarely been of these past several months. " Oh, I need to see this!"" Well, I'm not sure that's a good idea."" Yes it is, get up right now and take those panties off. Oh! I almost forgot, you're supposed to address me as Miss Kate when we are here playing. Aunt Teri told me that way you know who is in charge. Jenny told me you may reset, but you prefer to have a woman in charge of you, or, even a girl I guess", she giggles. She isn't wrong and I can feel my cock straining in my cage causing a delicious discomfort.The embarrassment of showing off my caged member to my thirteen year old niece is such a thrill that I get a shiver at the idea.My wife and daughter are loving this, I'm sure.They like to humiliate whenever they can. Well, since she is in charge, I stand before her and remove the panties I am wearing. There is some spotting on the front of them as I have begun leaking. Kate stares at my little caged member, her hands clutched together at her mouth in fascination. She slows reaches forward with her a finger of her left hand and pokes at the top of the cage. She draws back her hand and sees the Moisture on the tip of her finger. She holds it close and sniffs it, then puts her finger in her mouth. If I could achieve an orgasm, I would have had at that moment! I audibly groan a bit at the sight." This hardly tastes like anything. I've heard it doesn't taste so good, you know, a man's stuff. I had heard from some girls in my class that it tasted terrible. But I kind of like this!" She beams. " Do Aunt T and Jenny swallow this stuff?"Yes, they like it very much. They will sometimes swallow several loads from bull cocks." I did not feel the need to say that the only one who swallows anything from my penis, is me."Huh, Bull clocks?""Yes Miss Kate, a Bull is how the mistress and madam refer real men and they have Cocks, not penises. Generally it's because they are cocks are much bigger." "Wow, well they each said that I could have you teach me some stuff. And I guess Bulls and Cocks is part of that. They said it would be good to get some experience with you for a bit, then maybe they would show me some other stuff. I think that depends on if they can get my mom to join them in their adventures, then they can convince her to let me come along!" She leans in close and in a whisper says, " Uncle Chris, I don't really know where to begin. Can you help me? I want to know stuff about sex and how to do it. We had sex education, but that's also basic and just for making babies. I want to know the fun stuff! And I think I should try everything, to see what I like don't you think?" "Well that makes a lot of sense Miss Kate. I always knew you were the smartest one as well as my favorite niece. I love you very much, and I would never do anything to hurt you. But you should know that there will be some pain, but in sex that can be a good thing or even a great thing! You will understand what I mean later on. For now I mean if you decide to have me take your virginity, there will be a little bit of pain.""Actually we don't have to worry about my hymen, it's busted! The doctor told mom it was likely from softball, but I actually did itwith my hair brush. Allie told me too. You would like her!" She smiles. I like that we share some secrets. And maybe I will get to meet Allie? That's a nice thought as well."Why don't we get you undressed, if that's okay, and we can start exploring what brings you pleasure. Maybe a kiss first?"I kneel down in front of Kate and put my hands on her hips. I slide her to the edge of the couch and lean toward her while moving my left hand to the back of her head. I kiss her wonderful lips softly, moving mine around a little bit. She starts to reciprocate and I feel her lips part, so I offer her my tongue. Soon our tongues are dancing playfully and she moans a little bit. It is a wonderful kiss, and one I will never forget. I hope the same is true for Kate. When I told her before that I loved her, I really mean it. She is truly special. My fingers leave her curly red hair, and she leans back just a little bit. She has a glazed look in her eyes and a small curl on the edge of her lips showing me she enjoyed it as much as I did. " That was wonderful Uncle Chris, is it okay if I call you that when your cage is off?" " You are in charge Miss Kate, we will do as you wish. If I may I would like to explore your body a little more and show you some new pleasures. Would that be okay?" She nods slowly I see her face start to turn flush. I believe she is getting as excited as I am. As I kiss her again, this time with a little more passion, I bring my hands to the edge of her top and start to lift it up her sides. My hands caressed her smooth skin as I bring it towards her breasts. I push her shirt up past her bra feeling her rib cage along the way. Without me asking she raises her arms above her head and our mouths separate while I take her shirt completely off. The vision of her hair falling back around her shoulders as it comes out of her shirt is stunning. She really is a beautiful girl. I pause for a moment to give her a reassuring smile, as she looks at me a bit nervously. I reach around her to find that there is no class and be back of her bra, and there is not one on the front. I slipped my fingertips under the lower edge and slide it up and over her young breasts. They bounce gently as they are released from her bra, and I can see her nipples harden and her pink areola tighten, whether it is the air conditioned air, or her excitement I cannot tell. I kiss her again briefly and kiss back down her neck, licking and nibbling on the way. This time I do not stop until my lips are over her right nipple. I tongue it briefly before closing my lips around it. Her hands move to the back of my head and she gasps. "Oh, Uncle Chris, that's wonderful. Keep doing that!" I suckle her breast a bit more and then close my teeth briefly. Ungh, she grunts.I continue for a second on that breast and then move to the other. Her hands move with my head pushing her fingers through my hair and pulling on my ears. After a moment I lift my head and notice her pale skin has a pink flush and her skin seems a bit damp. I kiss her lips briefly and ask," are you ready for a bit more? The pleasures only get more intense from here on." She nods more emphatically this time. I kiss and lick between her breasts and I swear she tastes like strawberries, but that could be in my head. My hands move down to her shorts, they are those sophie shorts that the girls wear in gym class. As I slide them down I see that her panties have rainbows, and say Saturday on the front right over her mom's. . I try to take my time and build the anticipation for her, but it is difficult not to just jump between her legs with my tongue. She lifts her butt off the couch and I see her mons rise forward, I also noticed some dampness in the crotch of her panties.I bring my hands back up and dip my fingers inside her waistband and start to slide them down, she briefly puts her hands on mine to stop me. She looks in my eyes expectantly and I assure her it will be okay. She lifts her butt again and I slide her panties down revealing baby thicker than expected Bush of red hair,japanese@hd熟女 but I am glad she does not shave as so many girls do. I guess I was expecting to puffy lips and be clamshell style, but she had protruding inner labia begging to be sucked and doubled. And her clit large and swollen already. Descent of her arousal fills my nostrils and it cannot be patient anymore. With urgency I put my hands behind her knees and lift her legs up and back as I bring my mouth to her pussy. I run the tip of my tongue from her entrance to her clitoris and back, then I flatten it out and do the same thing. Her hands grasp my hair again and pull me into her crotch. Simultaneously pushing her hips forward into my mouth. "Ooohhh, gawd!" I suck her labia into my mouth and nibble them gently, and continue licking up and down, this time avoiding her clit. I push back a little farther on her knees and dip my tongue to the pink star of her asshole. I revel in her musky scent, I have always enjoyed cunnilingus, but I believe I could eat her for hours without stopping. I push my tongue into her entrance and move it around inside her. Then I do the same to her ass. "Ugh, that is so naughty Uncle Chris but it feels fantastic! That did not get mentioned in sex education! I'm going to have to ask Allie if anyone has done that to her!Oh, yes more!" I push my tongue in her ass some more this time gently massaging your lips and clit. I bring my other hand up as I remove my tongue from her ass and slip my pinky into her hole, and then I move quickly to her clitoris with my mouth. I form a seal with my lips and suck hard on her clit as I push my finger deeply into her ass. She dreams out "oh, my gawd I'm going to explode! Ughuhhugagh " she grabs on to my head tightly and continues with unintelligible grunts and screams. She is coming hard and it's a powerful one! I feel blessed to witness it, and more importantly be a part of it. She twitches and squirms for a minute or two as I gently release her clit and slowly lick up her juices. Finally her body starts to relax and her panting slows. Her grip on my head relaxes as well. I slipped my finger from her ass and give one last gentle lick along the length of her swollen lips. "If that wasn't an orgasm, uncle Chris, I want more of those, a lot more! If I'm in charge you will be doing that often. And I didn't know that playing with my butt was even a thing, but it was so intense! I really liked that." " Well Miss Kate, I could do that for hours and as often as you want. Bringing my Mistresses pleasure is why Iserve. And you taste wonderful, would you like to taste yourself on my lips?" " Ooh, I don't know. Are you sure it's not gross?" "Not all women taste the same, just like not all men's cum tastes the same. But you are delicious." With that she brings her lips forward to mine and gives me a kiss, tentative at first but then deeply and with her tongue in my mouth. She licks around my lips, savoring the taste. I guess she likes it! She leans back relaxing a little bit in the afterglow of her first real orgasm. I am gently stroking her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. " Well if we are going to do any more I suppose you should remove my cage." She sits up as I stand and is unsure what to do. I explained how there is a screw that requires a special key. It is kept hanging on the chain next to the front door. My mistress likes to leave it in plain sight, with the temptation right in front of me. It is a test for me daily to see if I will remove it myself. I did once early on and was punished severely. I never have again, and to be honest I don't even consider it anymore.l as I said before I rather enjoy it, like a security blanket. And miss it when it is not on. However, for my new mistress Kate, I will do what she needs me to do. She gets up and retrieves the key by the front door. I watch her wonderful ass move as she walks. It is firm and athletic, but full and round. I can't wait for the opportunity to bury my tongue in it again. She brings the key to me and weights as I show her where to use it. She turns it slowly and removes depend locking me in place. As the cage comes free and my penis slides out there is a rush of blood and some pain, that makes me groan out loud.The excitement of my morning with Kate causes the blood to rush to my penis quickly bringing it to its full length and hardness. "Uncle Chris, I think it looks really big! And it's very pretty, can I touch it?" "Thank you for your compliment kate, but I am actually not small, maybe average length and a little bit thicker than most. But compared to the Mistresses Bull Cocks, Iam only half the size of many of them. As far as touching it goes, you are in charge mistress you do not have to ask my permission for anything. " She reaches out and wraps her hand around my prick with a handshake type hold. She moves her hand back and forth, and it roughly at first, but quickly finds a firm but not too tight hold. I reached down and stop her movement as I can feel an orgasm approaching quickly. It has been 3 months since I've had a real orgasm and this will happen quickly if we don't slow down. "Oh my god, Miss kate. You must remember that I do not get direct stimulation like this. I will cum ery quickly if we are not careful! What is it you would like to do now?"As I stand in front of her she sits down on the couch. My penis is now inches from her face. "I want to lick it, I think." I grown at just the idea as she leans forward and puts her tongue to the tip of my head. I am leaking again and she seems to be enjoying the taste. She leans in a little more and takes the head into her mouth, I groan at the visual and the sensation. " Make sure you don't cum yet, I think we have lots to do still." She leans back in and takes me back in her mouth, this time moving her lips deeper on my shaft. I have to concentrate to resist my orgasm as I watch her long red hair bounce back and forth in front of me. I can feel her tongue move around on the bottom of my shaft. I let her know that looking and tonguing the testicles is also very nice for the recipient, and soon she pulls me from her mouth and dips hurt it down suck on my balls. She sucks very hard at first and I wince in pain. She pauses for a second but I put my hand on the back of her head and pull forward, so she continues to suckle firmly. I let her know that my Mistresses often rub their own clit has they give head to their bull. I see her hand slide down and touch herself, and feel her moan around my prick. This causes her to take me in her mouth again sucking a little more aggressively this time. It takes everything I have to resist my orgasm. She continues until I see her shiver and shake through another small orgasm of her own. I plead with her to stop for a minute or I won't be able to resist any longer. "Did I do a good job, Uncle Chris?""You were wonderful, Miss Kate.I believe most men will tell you that a blowjob done with enthusiasm is more important than technique or. A man wants to feel like you like having him in your mouth and want his cum." "Well I don't think I have to fake that, I really like having you in my mouth. And I think I know I already like the taste. I think you should finish like this so I know what it's like to feel you cum in my mouth. I should swallow?" "Not all men are the same," I struggle to say. "Most, I believe, enjoy cuming in your mouth and seeing you swallow. But many will also like you having them cum on your face, or your tits. The visual is very exciting, and will stay in their mind for a long time. The dichotomy of the blowjob is very interesting. With his cock in your mouth, you have all the power. But often if he is standing over you, it is a dominant type of position. And cum on your face, or having you swallow is also a dominant act and sometimes seen as degrading for the female. And if you keep going a minute longer I will not have a choice but to finish, oh my God your mouth feels fantastic. And just looking at your lips wrapped around me makes me want to erupt! Ungh! I'm going to cum! In your mouth, or on your face it's up to you Miss Kate! Unghhhh!" I feel the come surge from my testicles and up through my shaft. The feeling is both excruciatingly painful, and overwhelmingly electric. She stops moving her head for a moment as I feel her mouth with several spurts. I can see her concentrating on the taste and swallowing, then she pulls me out and I spurt a couple more times on to her cheeks, chin and lips.That's a treble and shake through the aftermath of the most intense orgasm I can recall, Kate is licking her lips and enjoying the power she has just demonstrated. I collapsed to the floor at her feet getting exhaustion from the release. She laughs a little at my predicament and says, "What should we do next?"More to come....




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